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Risk Management Services
Crisis management is often a daily experience of many businesses and this is often due to the lack of established risk management strategies being in place.
Our risk management services includes the identification, assessment, and prioritisation of risks for your business. This is followed by a coordinated and economical plan to minimize, monitor, and control the probability and impact of possible unfortunate events as well as to maximize the realisation of opportunities.

We can help you to establish a clear risk management strategy for your business which would include transferring your business risks to
third parties, avoiding the risks completely, reducing the negative effect of the risk, or simply to make acceptable risks visible so that you can stay completely in control.
UK 2008 : CEO Martin Hardy guides the implementation of a state of the art Incident Room for Thomson Airways
The project involved a dedicated 20 man technologically advanced facility which could be fully operational within minutes of a major incident. Direct access to media such as CNN, Sky News, and BBC World News, sophisticated telephone call facilities for passengers and their relatives, dedicated access to airline operational systems, and emergency mobile access for
critical incident management staff, ensures that the airline’s passengers and customers have complete comfort that In the event of an incident they will be looked after in the best possible way.

Recent events such as volcanic ash and the failure of some tour operator businesses in Europe leaving passengers stranded proves that the ongoing management of such unforeseen events is critical to the airline’s operations.
Risk Assessments can be carried out by our experienced team, ensuring that you are always compliant with law and that you understand the current and future risks presented to your business and its employees.

The Health and Safety Executive in the UK has published a list of ‘Myths’ in order to help businesses avoid any misunderstanding of their function. One of those myths is that “Risk Assessment is too complicated for me to do!” (hse.gov.uk)
If you believe this myth then please contact us to arrange a FREE consultation!