Sales Support & Consultation Struggling to meet your sales targets? The reasons are probably complex, even if your business is not. We will analyse your current situation and make proposals for you to implement. If required, we can assist with the implementation of those proposals in terms of resources and coaching ... Small Business Services Small businesses often have the vision to grow, but no resources. IT Implementation & Project Management The failure of businesses to implement effective control during a new project or venture can be expensive and is a prime reason for failure... Change Management The impact of change can often be underestimated by businesses. Effective management of staff, technology, processes, customer accounts and operations during change programmes is essential for success... Risk Management Crisis management is a regular experience for many businesses and this is often due to the lack of an established risk management strategy... Branding & E-Marketing Your brand is the personality that identifies your product, service or company (through a name, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of these) and how it is perceived by your key stakeholders... More  >> More  >> More  >> More  >> More  >> More  >>