Taking your Vision and making it our Mission
Revenue Growth For Small Businesses
Small Business Growth Opportunities
We have introduced a unique 5 stage process for initial discussions with potential customers. This includes a FREE initial consultation and full written proposal BEFORE any committment is required.
We offer friendly, professional advice to small businesses in order to help them surpass their goals. We take your vision and make it our mission, by providing advice about cost effective services and solutions that will boost your business.

We can provide resources to assist your growth, and implement affordable technology and solutions that will stimulate your profits. Providing e-Commerce solutions with online payment facilities, and reaching into markets that would not normally be considered by a business has allowed our customers to confidently expand without the need for additional human resources.
We offer a FREE initial consultation to all our new customers and will be happy to discuss opportunities with businesses of all sizes.

Many business owners believe that bringing in outsiders will feel intrusive and be expensive. With Abelite this is never the case. Our proposals are independent and objective and we are focused towards your specific situation without any ‘hard sell’ that could make you feel pressurised.
Importance of Websites & SEO
Abelite has assisted many small businesses to develop, implement, adapt, improve, and expand their online visibility via websites and e-commerce.
Websites are quickly becoming the biggest source of information, they give a wider audience and are a great pre-sales tool. It is important to ensure that your website is appealing and targeted at the right customer group:
• 79% of consumers prefer lesser-known businesses with quality websites over well-known businesses with poor websites.

This shows that a strong, customer focused website is critical to the success of any business, and with today’s technology this need not be expensive.
How do customers find your website once its live? Search Engine Optimisation ensures that your website is seen by the right people, and in the right places. Even though your information is out there, if customers cannot find the information they will go elsewhere:
• More than 70% of searches on Google are looking for local businesses or services

More and more businesses are modernising their approach to sales by providing on-line facilities to purchase goods & services. This helps to free up resources within a business and more importantly can boost sales within wider markets.

Abelite can provide small businesses with the necessary platforms to ensure that their business is highly visible and effective on the web.