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IT Implementations & Project Management
The failure of businesses to implement effective control during a new project or venture can be expensive and is a prime reason for failure
Being disciplined in planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources when starting a business project of any size is essential to the success of the project and also to the end result your business will achieve. If some cases, your vision may involve multiple projects linked together into a programme and this can require a set of very specific skills if you are to achieve full success.

We will help you to define all your project goals, and apply the relevant skills to manage the delivery of these goals, no matter how simple or complex they may be.
Jeddah 2004 : Senior Consultant, Siva Asokan manages the implementation of a Cost Management system into Saudi Arabian Airlines
The software supplier was based in Europe and the cultural challenges and working practices significantly increased the complexity of the project. Applying Siva’s exceptional project management skills as well as the use of strong project tools and techniques ensured that the project was delivered successfully and
the solution has remained in place for many years.

Siva comments that “the software implementation increased the technical skills of the staff at Saudi Airlines as well as their morale, and both management and staff were coached through what was a major change programme within the organisation.
Our highly skilled professionals have managed projects worldwide and in a variety of industry sectors, and as a result you can have the confidence that projects will run on time and within budget, ensuring that you achieve your ultimate objective for your business.
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