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The impact of change can often be underestimated by businesses. Effective management of staff, technology, processes, customer accounts and operations during change programmes is essential for success.
Our change management offerings will provide a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, or entire organizations from a current state to a desired future state – your vision. It is an organizational process aimed at empowering your employees to accept and embrace changes in your current business environment.

These changes could be strategic, technological, structural, or simply changes in attitudes and behaviours of senior management and personnel.
The Health and Safety Executive in the UK has published a list of ‘Myths’ in order to help businesses avoid any misunderstanding of their function. One of those myths is that “Risk Assessment is too complicated for me to do!” (hse.gov.uk)

If you believe this myth then please contact us to arrange a FREE consultation.
UK 2006-08 : CEO Martin Hardy leads a 15 person team to implement a €28m major change management project for the Board of Thomson. Holidays
The team included Programme and Project Managers, IT infrastructure specialists, facilities experts, designers, and building construction contractors. After managing funding requirements with Government Agencies a new head office location was set up in the UK to accommodate up to 1,300 staff, and 11 office locations throughout the UK were closed as a result.
The impact of this change was enormous, and the change management activities to consult and coach senior management and staff through the changes were extremely challenging.

The impact of such a change in environment from office based to open plan working, new recycling policies, and the integration of previous ‘silo’ working into an integrated business with free flowing communication has allowed Thomson Holidays to save millions. The head office has since expanded and can now occupy 1600 staff.
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